An appointment with a doctor at your fingertips

Need a medical consultation?

This service is available to all health insurance cardholders with or without a family doctor.

Already have a consultation?

Use the reference number received with the appointment confirmation to update your contact details or cancel your appointment.

You are a health professional?

The new platform is updated regularly and some features are not active yet. Head towards the previous version of the Québec Medical Appointment scheduler to connect to your professionnal login page.This link will open in a new window

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Specific services implemented to meet your needs!

Do you have symptoms that look like COVID-19? Please do not schedule an appointment using the Québec Medical Appointment Scheduler. Instead, if you have a family doctor, call your clinic. Otherwise, call 1 877 644 4545 (toll free). A health worker will tell you what to do, depending on your situation, and refer you to the proper resource.

If you are not showing any symptoms, you can obtain an appointment via the Québec Medical Appointment Scheduler.

Have any questions about COVID-19? Go to Qué link will open in a new window

Why use the Québec Medical Appointment scheduler platform?

Access to citizens

  • Free
  • Safe
  • Available 24/7
  • Simplified access to a health care professional offering family medicine services
  • Automated confirmation and reminders by email, phone or text message

Advantages for the clinics

  • Decrease in the number of missed appointments
  • Reduced administrative efforts associated with appointment management
  • Continuity of the patient-physician relationship
  • Compatibility with the software programs used in clinics
  • Service offered free of charge by the Government of Quebec